Unemployed, Still Happy

So as you can tell from my bio, I am currently unemployed. I graduated from college about a month ago and let me tell you: it’s rough out here. Applying to jobs and being rejected or, even worse, just never hearing back- it sucks. However, I am an unshakable optimist and, despite all the crappy moments, I’ve been enjoying my time recently.

Since graduating, I’ve had a lot of time on my own which has actually been kind of nice. It’s allowed me to do some thinking about what I want my life to look like and what my priorities are.Β I’ve also generated quite the obsession with self care. I’m constantly reading about ways to improve your health and lifestyle and have started adapting those habits into my daily routine. (I’m most excited about my new skincare regimen- soft and dewey skin here I come).

Basically, yes I’m unemployed and broke BUT I’m trying my darnedest to use this time to better myself… and apply to a lot of jobs.


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