Things Are Happening

We are only two months into 2018 and I’m pumped to say that I have been crossing shit off my list of goals for this year. I am happy to announce that I, lil ol’ Abby, am no longer an unemployed college graduate- I got a job. I’ve been hired as a production assistant and will start working in March!! Now, I know what you’re all thinking: but Abby, where will you be living?Β Don’t fret readers, I have also officially signed a lease for a lovely little apartment with my boyfriend! Yes, you read that correctly- I am an employed young lady living with a cute boy. Haters and my anxiety said it would never happen, but here we are.


Finding a job and moving in with Jacob were my two big girl goals for this year and I am so happy to already be checking them off my list. (On a side note, I’ve also been flossing every day which was another 2018 goal of mine. Kudos to me!).

I can’t wait to move in to my apartment and decorate it and post cute, Pinterest-worthy pictures of it. In the meantime before I start work, I am focusing on buying an apartment’s worth of furniture while on a very tight budget. Ikea, here I come!

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