Hello lovely lil readers. So since my last post, I have officially moved into my new apartment, and I love it! It’s the perfect amount of space and has so much natural light and is in a really nice location. The big three are all checked off. However, this won’t be a cute apartment tour post as we are still in the process of unpacking and getting furniture. Instead, let me tell you a little about adulting.

Adult life seems to consist mainly of two things: spending money and washing dishes. I seriously don’t think I have ever spent so much time washing dishes before than I have in the past few days. And holy wow, the amount of money you need to spend to have a functional apartment is too much. From furniture to groceries to internet to power to rent to FURNITURE again. (Seriously, furniture costs so much, thank god for Ikea and Presidents Day sales). I start my job soon so I will have an actual income, which will be very welcomed. Until then, it’s hunting down more sales and budgeting like crazy. And inevitably washing more dishes.

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