Feelin’ 22

It saddens me that I am both busier and less inspired to write blog posts recently- starting a new job and not having many big life events will do that. But guess what? I just turned 22 years old and I figured that warranted a lil posty-post. So here we are.

Yes, I have finally reached the year of my life where I get to post captions (and blog titles apparently) referencing Taylor Swift constantly. And I’m here for it. So seeing as I haven’t written in a little while and I am now 22 years old, I thought I’d combine that to create…. (drum roll) …

22 Things That Have Happened Since My Last Post:

  1. I melted tupperware on a hot stovetop
  2. Joined a gym
  3. Got Function of Beauty shampoo & conditioner
  4. Started my new job
  5. Had a game night with friends from college
  6. Went to my grandma’s 90th bday party
  7. Made $50 (thnx Plato’s Closet)
  8. Marched for our lives
  9. Saw American Idiot
  10. Had a nice Easter dinner
  11. Went to some cool breweries
  12. Started wearing my boot again (fracture lyf)
  13. Started growing (and then killed) some herbs
  14. Bought a new lunchbox
  15. Read this book
  16. Began using activated charcoal toothpaste
  17. Continued my obsession with the Sandbox app
  18. Got my first paycheck (ayyy)
  19. Tried making spaghetti carbonara (it did not go well)
  20. Saw Eva Longoria in the flesh
  21. Went to a horse race
  22. Worked a 12-hour shift on my birthday

Some (a lot) of those aren’t too exciting but twenty-two things is a lot of things. I’m going to make more of an effort to make blogging a priority again. After all who wouldn’t want riveting content like this.


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