August Favorites

August has come and gone and tbh thank god. I am not a fan of the summer months, especially since in Florida they just bring heat and humidity and oh my god more heat. I am not about trying to look semi-cute only to be a sweaty, frizzy mess the second I step outside. That being said, there were a few things that made August not horrible.

Air Pods || I finally did it- I bought my own pair of air pods. I’m really not one for big expensive purchases but I knew I would get a lot of use out of them and I knew I could afford them and you know what I’m an adult and just really wanted a pair. I use them at the gym and WOW let me say what a game changer wireless headphones are. I love them. Plus I feel like I’m one step closer to being Busy Philipps which is the ultimate goal.

Degrassi || I know what you’re thinking- “Abby get your head out of the clouds it isn’t the early 2000s”. BUT I WANT IT TO BE. This show is everything. I was surprised by how genuinely good the writing was at first, but I’m on season 5 now and wheelchair Jimmy is here and I am loving every second of it.

Shane Dawson ||Β I really haven’t watched Shane’s videos since I was in middle school and he was Shanaynay which… yikes. However, I kept seeing a thumbnail for his TanaCon videos and I finally gave in and watched and I was hooked. His little mini series videos are crazy good and his friends are hilarious. I would highly suggest giving his channel a click if you are looking for something new to watch.

Chub Rub Shorts || Now I’m not going to lie to you and say I just discovered these. I have been a part of the thicc thighs party for quite some time now. However, every summer I am re-reminded of how much of my life I owe to these shorts. Let me just say for those of you who aren’t a part of this club, chaffing is real and painful and can ruin a good day. (Flashbacks to wearing short shorts at Disney all day in the middle of the summer.) Throw on a pair of good old stretchy shorts and I immediately feel like the hot summer day is my bitch and my thighs are ready to crush it.

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