Thankful Thanksgiving Thoughts

This year I had to work on Thanksgiving. During prime eating time, no less. And I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t a little bitter about it. I’ve always been lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with family and loved ones, eating delicious home-cooked meals, and being happy and warm and full. This year I felt like I was being robbed of that. And it doesn’t help matters that working on a holiday is essentially walking into a building full of people who don’t want to be there. But millions of people have to work on holidays every year, and this year it happened to be me. That’s just the way the delicious holiday cookie crumbles sometimes. But I have SO. MUCH. to be thankful for and I want to put out into the universe what I want to get back- gratitude and optimism and ~good vibes~. (I swear I’m not a crystals/essential oils/yoga girl. I just desperately want to be.) Now here’s the thing- I am a lucky, lucky girl so this list won’t even scratch the surface of all the things I have to be grateful for. However, I’m using this as an opportunity to reflect on all the good things in my life. Just a girl trying to find inner peace here, guys!

  • My mom. This year brought a lot of health issues for my mom from complications after a surgery. She was in the ICU for over a month and had to go through several surgeries to mend the problem. Knowing that she is back at home with my dad on her way back to good health is the biggest comfort to me.
  • I have a boyfriend I don’t deserve. Seriously. This boy is amazing- he is kind and funny and creative and cleans the apartment and washes the dishes and has a perfect butt. He does so much for me, and is a constant source of happiness. Jacob, if you’re reading this, sorry all I ever do is make the bed.
  • The walls around me and roof over my head. I’m currently living in my first adult apartment. (That is, the first one outside of the student apartments I lived in during college.) I am so happy in our little apartment. It was the one I fell in love with the moment we toured it. I treasure this place and the life we have here.
  • A group of friends who has somehow defied time and distance apart. If it’s possible to have platonic soulmates split five ways, that’s what I have. It’s an injustice calling my friends “friends” because they are so obviously just as much a family as my blood relatives are. It’s been ten years (literally how) and I’m not sick of them, and in fact miss their jokes and support every single day.
  • A job in my industry. Yes, this is the same job that made me work on Thanksgiving. But I am so grateful to have it. I studied TV and film production in school and to have a job in the field I studied so soon after graduating isn’t always the case. I’ve seen a lot of my peers from school struggle after graduation to find a job at all, let alone one in the industry. I worked hard in school, gained every possible experience I could, and it paid off. Even if it means giving up a holiday or two.
Had to include Dades since this is the only picture I took on Thanksgiving day.

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