Oh Hello, 2019

I love the start of the new year- the yearly wrap-up’s from Spotify and your “best nine” on Instagram- it’s just nice to reflect on the year that’s gone by and remember all the good and all that you’ve been through. And some people scoff at new year’s resolutions but I think they’re great! What’s so wrong with feeling hopeful for a new year and wanting to improve yourself? (The answer is absolutely nothing.)

2018 was quite a year. I got my first “real” TV job, I moved in with my boyfriend, I traveled, I marched for our lives, and I met some wonderful people.

I have two main goals for 2019: to learn to spend time alone, and to live intentionally. Let’s unpack that.

With my schedule, I end up spending a lot of time at my apartment by myself. This past year, all I would do is watch YouTube or TV killing time until I had to be somewhere or I had to go to sleep. This year my goal is to value my time and find ways to spend it, not waste it. I want to read more books, write more here on the blog and in my journal, make movie dates with myself, be creative. I need to do some soul searching and rediscover what I love to do.

My second goal is to live intentionally, which I think goes hand in hand with spending time alone. I don’t want to just stumble my way through 2019. I want to make goals and plans and stick to them. I want consistency from me and to hold myself accountable. I don’t want to waste time and watch dumb content and eat poorly- I plan on setting intentions for myself and following through on them.

2019 is so full of potential and I’m excited for all that this year will hold. So here’s to the new year- may it be full of love, improvement, travel, and good people.

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