Sticky Heart Treats

This Valentine’s Day I decided to be cute and make some treats to bring into work for my co-workers. If you can’t share the love with the people you see every single day, you need better people. I was a little too ambitious for my patience level in picking these treats but they’re!! just!!! so!!! adorable!! I figured rice krispies were a safe choice but here’s the big fact that I completely forgot about: marshmallows are sticky. Like, very sticky. I dare say impossibly sticky. By the end of the night I had to wipe everything down a couple times and had used close to every single plate I owned. (My skill level is probably to blame, but I’m going to hold the marshmallows accountable.) In the end, though, they were absolutely adorable and pretty darn tasty.

Here’s how to make these cute bastards:

  • Melt 3 tbs. butter in a large saucepan on low heat (We have Paula Deen’s attention already).
  • Add the marshmallows (I used pretty much the whole bag except for a couple I snacked on in the process), stir until everything is all melted and gooey and delicious.
  • Take everything off the heat and add 6 cups of Rice Krispies cereal (I used a cheaper off-brand one lol) and mix all that deliciousness together.
  • Move the mixture into a pan and flatten/spread it all out, and then use a cookie cutter to get the heart shape.
  • Melt some white chocolate chips (I just eyeballed the amount I would need) and add any food coloring you want.
  • Now for the arts and crafts part: dip those suckers in some melted chocolate, add some cute sprinkles and bam you’ve got yourself some adorable heart-shaped rice krispies treats (and probably a very messy kitchen).

I hope you enjoyed this installment of I Don’t Know How To Cook/Bake But I’m Not Gonna Let That Stop Me.

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